Friday, April 30, 2010

exotic escape...

here is the last...but certainly not least...color group of the summer 2010 jana kos collection...

exotic escape - color group 4...

exotic and mysterious gardens vibrate with color and grape colored lines combine with saffron textured solids and stretch tech in almond...lush tropical prints and stripes in structured and soft separates will have you dressed in style for work or play...cropped jackets, pleated skirts and pants in varied lengths are orchestrated in trans-seasonal fashions...unexpected sophistication with comfortable ease...

cascade sweater set (also available in coral & lemon)
paradise print skirt

texture weave jacket and capri

paradise print jacket
silk crepe de chine tank
frosted linen pant

tropical print blouse (also in pool)
frosted linen skirt

stretch tech jacket and pant

tie dye knit (also available in olive)
frosted linen capri

ribs sweater set (also available in pool)
stretch tech pant

texture weave jacket
paradise print tank
frosted linen pant

frosted linen jacket
tropical print blouse
exotic stripe pant

frosted linen jacket and skirt

jana kos summer 2010 trunk show
may 5 - 16
redwood shores, ca
by appointment only
email to reserve your spot

and here are the other three color groups...
color group 1 - opposites attract (black...white...coral...)
color group 2 - jungle beat (cactus...sand...lemon...)
color group 3 - tranquil voyage (

Thursday, April 29, 2010

tranquil voyage...

welcome to jana kos summer 2010 collection...the third color group...interested in coming to the trunk show? we will be showing this lovely collection in redwood shores, ca from may 5 thru the appointment me if you are interested...and...if you are out of the area...lucky you...can still order through me =)

tranquil voyage - color group 3...

cool and breezy yet hot with style...this group combines stretch tech in pool blue with clear white pique and cotton embroidered sails cotton jacquard from france...soft silks in solid and prints and cool cottons are just as comfortable at a pool party as they are at a summer wedding...close your eyes and breathe in the salty air...summer is on its way...

silk crepe de chine pool blouse (also available in ivory)
open sails skirt

bubble embroidery shirt/jacket
pleats white top (also available in cactus & black)
stretch pique pant

open sails jacket
jersey top (also available in lemon)
stretch tech pant

stretch pique jacket and skirt
(also available pant & capri)

houndstooth shirt
stretch pique pant

stretch tech jacket and pant (also availabe skirt & capri)
half dot silk tank

pool bling top (also available in black)
stretch pique capri

links sweater set (also available in white/black & sand/cactus)
stretch tech pant

jana kos summer 2010 collection
trunk show
may 5 - 16
redwood shores, ca
by personal appointment

and here are the other three color groups...
color group 1 - opposites attract (black...white...coral...)
color group 2 - jungle beat (cactus...sand...lemon...)
color group 4 - exotic escape (grape...saffron...almond...)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

jungle beat...

introducing jana kos collection for summer 2010...trunk show details below...

jungle beat - color group 2...

you won't be camouflaged when you wear the fashions of this group...cactus green, sand and lemon combine in fun prints, textured solids and soft knits...safari inspired city sportswear combines with skin print cottons and gator lemon dobby is both printed and solid with soft texture appeal...sporty sophistication with a wild twist...

cascade sweater set (also available in coral & grape)
gator lemon skirt

pleats cactus top (also available in black & white)
skin print pants

jungle print jacket
silk dobby pant
perforated belt

stretch faille cactus skirt (also available in black)
olive tie dye knit (also available in purple)

gator lemon jacket
jungle print tank
sueded sand pant

skin print shirt
stretch faille cactus pant

cascade sweater set (also available in coral & grape)
jungle print skirt

silk dobby cactus jacket and pant
links shell (see below for full sweater set)

links sand/cactus sweater set (also available in white/black & white/pool)
stretch faille cactus capri

coming soon to redwood shores, ca...

jana kos summer 2010 trunk show
may 5 - 16
by personal appointment
if you are not in the area...but are interested in a piece...let me know...

and here are the other three color groups...
color group 1 - opposites attract (black...white...coral...)
color group 3 - tranquil voyage (
color group 4 - exotic escape (grape...saffron...almond...)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

opposites attract...

coming soon to redwood shores, ca...

jana kos summer 2010 trunk show
may 5 - 16
by personal appointment

opposites attract - color group 1...

let your hair down with this fresh summer, white and coral combine in textures, patterns and new silhouettes...drape and structure...light and dark...soft and hard...this group appeals to the yin and yang in all of us...

relaxed jackets, soft dresses, cropped pants and new sweaters will sweep you off your feet...comfort with style is what it's all about...

cotton sateen coral

crinkle denim shadow dress

links white/black sweater set (also available in sand/cactus & white/pool)
stretch links skirt (also available in cactus)

ripple stripe

rayon jersey dress (also available in black)

cascade sweater set (also available in lemon & grape)
abstract print capri
multi strap belt

abstract print jacket
stretch links pant

crinkle denim shadow shirt and pant
multi strap belt

knit combo shirt (also available in lemon)
crinkle denim shadow skirt
shield stretch belt

black bling top (also available in pool)
stretch links capri

stretch links jacket and capri
rayon jersey coral top (also available in lemon and white)
multi strap belt

knit combo shirt
crinkle denim shadow pant
multi strap belt

rayon jersey set
links shell

and here are the other three color groups...
color group 2 - jungle beat (cactus...sand...lemon...)
color group 3 - tranquil voyage (
color group 4 - exotic escape (grape...saffron...almond...)

Monday, April 26, 2010

safe sun...

you don't need much...a bathing keep you from getting arrested...some sun, sand, and the occasional wave...pure heaven...but think about protection...

yesterday...we had 80 degree weather...and i spent my day on the was pure heaven...

so...when thinking about protection...what do you need?

a sun hat with a brim wide enough to shield your face (and hair stylist would be proud)...shades that are coated to block harmful ultraviolet rays and so dark that you can't see your eyes through them when you look in the mirror...a summer shoe that puts a cool sole between the hot sand and your feet...a straw bag - one that lets the sand sift through and is big enough to carry a day's worth of sun lotion, fashion mags, water, towels...and whatever else you might need...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall...

it still amazes me how many people do not have a full length mirror in their is not about is about looking your best...and i'm sorry...but the mirror above the bathroom sink...or above your dresser just doesn't cut it...

so why the need you ask?

the first step in developing a strong personal and/or professional presence is to train your eye to recognize the style elements most flattering to your particular figure and lifestyle...a full-length mirror hung in or near your closet is a great strategy...

so the tip for today...would be..."hang a full-length mirror inside your closet'll learn to understand your wardrobe and really see what works best"

if you already have a full-length mirror...make a commitment to use it to help you part with clothes that don't make you feel or look your personal's also a great tool for getting out the door in a hurry without over-looking elements in your outfits that should be attended to before showing up for important meeting...or a social occasion...

if you don't have a full-length mirror...make it a priority to pick one can buy one at a store or have a glass company come to your house...measure the space where you want to hang a mirror...then come back and install one to your exact measurements...neither of these two options has to be an expensive proposition...

i have a full-length mirror hanging in my bedroom closet well as a vintage stand alone full-length mirror...which has moved from room to room...this allows you to place it close to the area where you get ready...another option is buying a full-length mirror and leaning it against a wall...can be a nice decorative piece that is added to your decor...

so whether you have it out in the open...or hidden inside a closet is an essential me...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

fashion funnies: garage sale or garbage?

the weather is warming up...people are doing their spring cleaning...which means...tis the season for garage sales! is there a lot of junk out there? uh...yes...but i have found some unbelievable treasures as well...if you have the patience to sort through...could be a fun experience...

are you lured by the garage/estate sale signs in your neighborhood?

Friday, April 23, 2010

mprwf fashion show/fundraiser...

this last week was the 25th anniversary fashion show/fundraiser for the mid peninsula republican womens federation...i had the honor of styling the beautiful models for the event...the clothes modeled were by a local shop in san carlos called bracha...victoria bracha...the store owner has a beautiful selection of clothing...from casual to evening wear...she even designs her own line...which you can see throughout the store...if you are local...definately stop by and take a peak...

of course...nothing is better then participating in a charity (with fashion) with two of your dearest friends...adena (my business partner as well) put together this lovely soiree...and i have to say...she did a fabulous job...she was also one of my models...thank you!

me, adena & margaret...

these events are fun also...because it is a time to play dress-up....not that i need an event...but makes it that much more fun...

i chose to wear a room sporting all new fashions...i was stopped many times throughout the event by some of the older women that attended...they loved my coat...which i got from lovely cherie at shrimpton couture...when i verified that my coat was in fact vintage...many started telling me stories of their favorite coats "back in the day"...

i decided to pin the jacket with a vintage is a close-up...but modernize it by mixing same colors but different patterns...

and here is the complete outfit...

vintage coat & pin, rebecca taylor blouse, juliana collezione capri's, bcbg patent leather peep toe shoes, mish mash of bracelets

Thursday, April 22, 2010

men's corner: spring cleaning "man" style...

since the warmer weather is upon us and more outdoor activities are sure to need to make sure your summer essentials are up to date...we're talking about tee-shirts, shorts, casual pants and shirts...

ask yourself:
- are they showing signs of wear?
- have the colors faded?
- do i need more color in my wardrobe?
- do they need mending?
- do they still fit properly? (note: casual does not equal sloppy!)

neiman marcus polos (michael kors) in several colors; notice the contrasting print on collar and lapel...

it's time to replace the dingy...the tired...and the "sight for sore eyes" from the closet...and when you do, add in some color (like the polo above) and print (plaid, paisley or whatever grabs you!)

mix up your basic white polo with a touch of plaid...penguin contrast-collar polo & plaid shorts

and for the more adventurous...don't be afraid to mix prints in the same color family...

etro mandala-print polo & plaid bermuda shorts
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