Wednesday, April 7, 2010

you had me at hello: classic hippie chick...

starting a new topic on fabulous finds had me at hello...a bit cheesy? maybe...but one of my all time favorite lines in a you know from whence it came? =)

in looking through all my fashion magazines that grace my doorstep...and give my mailman an ample good arm workout...i come across some glossy pages that just take my breath this new topic "you had me at hello" will feature my loves, lusts, determined to re-create at a lower price point...or maybe not pass not collect $100...i am on my way to pick it up right now... =)

my advice to you...when you see a picture that speaks to you...pull it...put it in your "wish list" will be amazed how how often that "look" can be re-created..with your own little spin...

so...i don't remember where i pulled this from...i'm thinking it was either vogue or harper's would be an understatement at how my heart skipped a beat at this look...

you had me at hello...

proenza schouler three-quarter-sleeve sequined embroidered jacket ($3,100)
batik tee ($375)
scalloped-hem cotton skirt ($660)

i have often been called the hippie chick...with my love for bohemian inspired clothing...but tie dye?? well that takes me to a whole different the mix of a classy dressy jacket paired with the tie dye tee...i am determined to recreate this look...somehow...someway...although my skirt will be a tad bit longer =)

update: how appropriate is this?? just posted on tie-dye diy with proenza schouler (and martha stewart!) a helpful video? i just may try this...who will join me?


  1. Love that outfit by proenza schouler. I could do tye dye.
    I think. lol

  2. I love this look!

    However, take off the jacket it looks very A&F (rugby shirt with mini skirt & belt).
    The 3-quarter looks almost like acid-wash?

  3. gigi's consignment closet - i used to do tie dye...did you watch the video? it looks fairly easy...and less messy the the "old" way of doing it...
    stephanie (and baby) =) i think the scanned picture doesn't do it is more like a tweed with beautiful embroidery accents...that is the great thing about i mentioned above...putting your own spin on it...

  4. I love that jacket but I struggle with tie dye, too much early 90s experimenting!

  5. I've seen lots of tie-dye in the stores - the top should be fairly easy to nab at a much lower price...ditto the skirt and belt...but the jacket. Whew! That's going to take some searching - it's fabulous!

  6. retro chick - too funny...there are many things that make me cringe from the 80's & early 90's...but i love my tie dye!
    adena - i will have to show you the actual scan didn't do it justice...the jacket is gorgeous!


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