Tuesday, April 27, 2010

opposites attract...

coming soon to redwood shores, ca...

jana kos summer 2010 trunk show
may 5 - 16
by personal appointment

opposites attract - color group 1...

let your hair down with this fresh summer group...black, white and coral combine in textures, patterns and new silhouettes...drape and structure...light and dark...soft and hard...this group appeals to the yin and yang in all of us...

relaxed jackets, soft dresses, cropped pants and new sweaters will sweep you off your feet...comfort with style is what it's all about...

cotton sateen coral

crinkle denim shadow dress

links white/black sweater set (also available in sand/cactus & white/pool)
stretch links skirt (also available in cactus)

ripple stripe

rayon jersey dress (also available in black)

cascade sweater set (also available in lemon & grape)
abstract print capri
multi strap belt

abstract print jacket
stretch links pant

crinkle denim shadow shirt and pant
multi strap belt

knit combo shirt (also available in lemon)
crinkle denim shadow skirt
shield stretch belt

black bling top (also available in pool)
stretch links capri

stretch links jacket and capri
rayon jersey coral top (also available in lemon and white)
multi strap belt

knit combo shirt
crinkle denim shadow pant
multi strap belt

rayon jersey set
links shell

and here are the other three color groups...
color group 2 - jungle beat (cactus...sand...lemon...)
color group 3 - tranquil voyage (pool...blue...white...)
color group 4 - exotic escape (grape...saffron...almond...)

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