Thursday, April 22, 2010

men's corner: spring cleaning "man" style...

since the warmer weather is upon us and more outdoor activities are sure to need to make sure your summer essentials are up to date...we're talking about tee-shirts, shorts, casual pants and shirts...

ask yourself:
- are they showing signs of wear?
- have the colors faded?
- do i need more color in my wardrobe?
- do they need mending?
- do they still fit properly? (note: casual does not equal sloppy!)

neiman marcus polos (michael kors) in several colors; notice the contrasting print on collar and lapel...

it's time to replace the dingy...the tired...and the "sight for sore eyes" from the closet...and when you do, add in some color (like the polo above) and print (plaid, paisley or whatever grabs you!)

mix up your basic white polo with a touch of plaid...penguin contrast-collar polo & plaid shorts

and for the more adventurous...don't be afraid to mix prints in the same color family...

etro mandala-print polo & plaid bermuda shorts

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