Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a little classy with a dash of trashy...

it sometimes amazes me how often someone will ask me specifics about a fashion rule...seems that many spend their days and nites worrying about making mistakes and social faux pas...ok...that may be a slight exaggeration on my part...but work with me here... =)

why not just go ahead and do it intentionally? relax and have a little fun by adding a touch of trampiness to your ordinary outfit...ignore rules of jewelry; wear ropes of pearls with your jeans...like coco chanel, who wore pearls while riding...her big ropes of pearls were fake...of course...which adds a bit to their trashiness...but what fun would that be? or wear your diamond bracelets with a casual outfit...don't wait for that big "black tie" event...

here is the secret: as long as you know the social rule...(no diamonds before 5 pm., say, or no white after labor day), you can choose to openly flaunt it and impress people with your daring side...if you don't know the rule and break it...you look like a rube...if you do know the rule and break it...you are the ultimate sophisticate...and as taffetadarlings so eloquently wrote about "white lies" and not to miss in that same post...wendyb's take on wearing white...

diana vreeland said, "a little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika...no taste is what i'm against..."

so...go ahead and add a leopard print scarf to your sedate blue business suit...go ahead and wear fishnet stockings with that sedate business suit...go ahead and wear silky underthings while helping out in your child's kindergarten class...it can be your little secret...


  1. I love Diana Vreeland's comment! It really bothers me when people do not have any personal style. They might as well be invisible. Do SOMETHING... try something... anything. Be different. Be an individual. It's better to have people saying bad things about your outfit than nothing at all, right? As "they" say -- bad press is better than no press.

  2. I used to wear nude fishnets with my pantsuits at my last corporate job!

  3. plus...who wants to look like everyone else??
    wendy - i did too...except with skirts...love the unexpected...

  4. It's so great to take risks, stand out and be memorable. That's the beauty of fashion. You aren't going to get anywhere if you look like everyone else.

  5. Agree 100%! If you know the rules, and you're breaking them consciously- this is when the real style comes in. Great post, Elena! I'm still very puzzled with the "no white after Labor Day" rule...

  6. thanks diana - i agree...if that rule were true...why do we have "winter white"?


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