Monday, February 8, 2010

personal style...

we have all seen her and gawked with admiration - and not a little envy...she needn't be beautiful, nor dressed in anything we couldn't imagine for ourselves...but her clothes are a brilliant orchestration of color and texture...fabric and fit...sensibility and style...and she wears them like a badge...they don't wear her...

maybe it's a color she's claimed as her signature...perhaps it's her panache at mixing the unexpected...she may even buy certain basics over and varying textures, fabrics, and cuts...just different enough to keep things new...

chances are...her look is consistent: every time you see her...her style is unmistakably her own...her personal style is her personal uniform...

grace kelly
a symbol of femininity and taste...this elegant handbag gave form and function to the image of the perfect fact, hermes, its maker, named it the kelly bag in her honor...
also known for sweater sets & hermes scarf as arm sling

audrey hepburn
in the 1950's, she made the little black dress sophisticated and playful - the essence of her charm...

jackie o
her dark glasses symbolized her sense of fashion, her private nature, and the star status we inflicted on her...
also known for pillbox hats...

barbara bush
the essence of patrician style, her four strands of pearls stood for good breeding and a traditional, understated sense of fashion...

james dean
ever the rebel uniform, the leather jacket underscored his image as a misunderstood loner, a romantic antihero...

diana vreeland - red lipstick
dorothy - ruby slippers
fran lebowitz - men's clothing
harry truman - bow tie
katherine hepburn - menswear-inspired clothes
madonna - undergarments as outergarments
marlene dietrich - tuxedo
michael jackson - single sequined glove
nancy reagan - red
twiggy - fake lashes & micro-miniskirt

can you think of others? what is "your" personal style?


  1. it's jimmy deans birthday today!
    so... maybe diane keaton? she is kind of known for dressing a lot like a man. not as refined as hepburn though.

  2. happy birthday jimmy dean! you are right...diane keaton definately has a unique personal style...

  3. I think it's great to have a signature something - be in a lipstick, a scent or a color. I'm going out of the box and going to say Madeleine Albright with her brooches. For me, I'm going to try to wear a piece I have knit.

  4. i agree! i love going out of the box...and yes...dear madeleine albright is completely known for her brooches...
    and your knits are fave so far was the one pic of you & your mom...wearing it two!


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