Tuesday, February 23, 2010

knowing your seams...

not quite sure when it happened...and it doesn't seem to affect men...as much as women...but somewhere along the line...we fell out of the habit of altering clothes for a good fit...in a cost-conscious society...what you see is often what you wear...the problem with this...of course...is that sometimes what you wear should see a tailor...you should expect that some of the items in your wardrobe need to be altered...

with the range of quality ready-to-wear clothing available today at various price points...buying off the rack and then having items adjusted by a tailor is often the best strategy...for instance...i often buy clothing off the rack that fits me well and then head directly to my tailor (happens to be my mom) to have items "tweaked" for an even better fit...

if you don't sew for yourself, i highly recommend that you develop a relationship with a skilled seamstress or tailor...interacting with someone who knows garments inside and out (literally) will provide a priceless education and further your fashion savvy...

a good tailor is like a good pair of shoes...necessary, worth every penny, and capable of making you look ten pounds thinner


  1. THANK YOU. I love taking things to a tailor. I'm so short, but not necessarily quite petite, so nothing ever fits right! Thank god for my favorite boisterous Italian seamstress! :)

  2. I'm short so everything goes straight to the tailor. He once reworked a bridesmaid dress so i can wear again to a black tie affair and he did a fabulous job. Saved me a ton on a new dress.

  3. thank you for your comments sarah ann & jennifer...my mom has been a tailor working at nordstrom's for 30 some years...during my younger days...my tailoring consisted of "mom...shorten this skirt please..." which she didn't quite like...but..hey...i was young...my legs are quite long...so she is always lenghtening my pants...tailors/seamstresses can do amazing things...and quite frankly...it is usually tiny tweaks that can make all the difference from something fitting "ok" to absolutely perfect!

  4. I second that! Whenever I move one of my first concerns is do I have a good tailor/seamstress nearby? I once lost a bit of weight that made a big difference in the pants I was wearing one day at work, so much that they were falling down! Luckily there was a tailor nearby who agreed to take them in while I waited - half naked behind a curtain!

  5. well...if you ever move to san francisco area (hint hint) haha...i've got an excellent one to recommend...


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