Friday, February 5, 2010

men's corner: jeans the right way...

there is much talk about women & the way they wear jeans...and the lovely name for that is "mom jeans" don't want to be associated with wearing the mom jean...but what about you lovely men? is there a male version of the "mom" jean?

take a look at this pic...what do you see? whitewashed high waisted jeans...flattering all the wrong parts of your body...poor mr obama was photographed wearing such jeans...the media had a field day with it...but the truth i make my way around town...this look is almost always out and is quite the as much as i "love a man in jeans"...this isn't the look i have pictured in my head...

oh...and while we are at about adding some "sneakers with style"

now let's look at the pic below...medium-rise raw denim jeans sit at the most flattering place (on your hips), follow your legs (instead of saddlebagging out from your waist), and form-fit to you as you break them in...add some lace-ups or classic sneaks...and voila...perfection...


  1. Oh goodness! Unfortunately, that top photo is soooo common. Yuck. Guys just don't seem to understand that jeans and a plain white T can look so hot if worn properly, but so awful if not!

  2. pictures don't lie...and when these two are side by is very the right fit can make you look so polished...

  3. Compliments on the blog. The approach for men's corner is ruther elegant. Very nice!

  4. thank you cezar! your comments are always welcome...i took a look at your blog as well...very nice...i just wish i could read it!but i enjoyed looking at the pictures...

  5. I'm always looking for tips...taking my husband shopping for new jeans!

  6. thanks for stopping here for tips rosalinda! specifically for your husband - you can always type "men's corner" in the search bar and get all the posts related to men's wardrobe tips...


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