Friday, February 12, 2010

color me red...

so just last nite...i woke up in the middle of the nite...3:13 be exact...and thought...we have this incredible color group for spring 2010 called metropolitan ambitions...and how appropiate with it being february...the month that holds valentine's have a color group filled with red... honor of valentine's day...i say...treat yourself to something red from the collection and save 10%! what a

if you want to see fancy pics...with real on the link above or go to to view parts of the between appointments today...i started snapping pics of different items in red...take a peak...and see if something red hits your fancy...if you are able to come by...i highly recommend there is a lot more red to be well as the other beautiful color groups...and if you are not able...but see something that you just "have to have" =) email me...

lime lights silk sleeveless tank - see the tiny red dots?

broadway lights skirt - has red...although tiny bits

plaited rib twin set

silk shantung pant - their is an adorable skirt as well with ruffled hem

confetti silk sleeveless tank

broadway lights jacket
knit combo red blouse

metro map trench coat

red italian lamb leather jacket
billboard stripe pant

boxed in red silk sleeveless tank

silk shantung jacket


  1. I love them all especially the Red Italian Lamb Leather Jacket! Fabulous! Red is one of my favorite colors!!

  2. yes...there is a nice selection of red in the many choices =)


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