Sunday, February 21, 2010

what makes up my wardrobe?

you open your's filled with clothes...yet you think you have nothing to wear...

what do you love? what do you need? what should you throw away? where do you start?

the essential wardrobe is about the basic clothes you wear day after day...season after season...year in & year out...they give life to the odd pieces of fashion and accessories you may collect each season...they are the foundation to your wardrobe...

closet audits are getting an inventory of what you own...and looking at pieces in new in your own closet...creating new outfits from pieces you already "new life" to older pieces...and yes...saying goodbye to pieces that should not be in your closet...maybe even...should "never" have been in your closet...

give yourself permission to let go of purchases that were not right...and create a closet of items that work "now" for your lifestyle...

and if this project seems overwhelming...have an "honest" friend help you out...or have a wardrobe consultant come in and help you out...the investment will be well worth it...

the end result will be a functioning closet...and most likely...a lot of new outfits from pieces that were just "hanging out" in your closet...

fyi...this is not a picture of my closet =)


  1. I never think I have anything to wear! But, I love shopping in my own closet and that's the only thing I can afford lately! :-)

  2. i have to say...when i haven't been able to got me to be more creative with what i sometimes that could be a good thing...although...i love to shop =)

  3. I've most recently been shopping the summer side of my closet. I can't wear another heavy sweater. Bring on warmer days!!!

  4. jennifer...i am SO in agreement with you!


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