Wednesday, December 9, 2009

men's corner: sneakers with style...

today, sneakers are a staple in most men's wardrobes...and your choice speaks it's important that you choose wisely...

first of all...let's acknowledge we're not talking here about the shoes you wear to the gym or for your daily run/walk, but rather...sneakers that you can wear out to dinner with your dark jeans and collared shirts, or even with wool trousers and crewneck sweaters...

it's important that you find a pair that fit you properly...and then buy a couple of pairs, so you can give each pair a proper rest between wearings...

these cole haans are available through bullock & jones...who have quite a number of good-looking dress sneakers, by the way...almost every department store now carries dress there's no reason for you to wear your athletic shoes except for athletic purposes... =)


  1. My man wears the same style sneaker in brown. (Picked out by me!) His sneakers are Sketchers, however, they look strikingly similar to the designer shoes you mentioned when comparing shape, stitch detailing, etc.
    Though, I'm pretty sure that his sneakers aren't genuine leather.
    Even though the bullock & jones sneakers are matchless in terms of quality, the Sketchers sneakers are a more practical buy for cost-conscience shoppers. Spending in the 100+ range for a casual shoe isn't pratical. But then again, I'm speaking from opinion.

  2. thank you for your comments...that is fabulous...i love the fact that pretty much at any price point these items can be found...for women & men..whether you are looking for shoes or clothing...i believe more in shopping within your budget...then not...good for you for helping your man look stylish!


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