Friday, January 6, 2012

fashion resolutions 2012...

ok...i have to say...not a lot of participation this year...again...i am not sure if it is the word "resolutions" that makes many cringe...i don't necessarily love the word...but i do love what it least for is a goal...a target...a new habit to form...which for me constitutes a good thing...but...i'm starting to think i'm the minority...

but for those who participated...i thank you...not only for putting it out there...because then i feel it is a step toward accountability...but also...what a great way to inspire someone else who is wanting to make a change...and by hearing yours...takes that first step...

so here are some of the fashion resolutions that some of my readers are no particular order...(these were submitted via twitter, facebook, blog, email...AND i even asked some random people while i was out and about...enjoy and be inspired...

@thestyleconfess - "I need to put more dresses in my wardrobe and find a blouse or two that I love"

janice - "Get rid of things that don't make me feel GREAT!"

matt - "Replace my tennis shoes with nice casual shoes"

deedee - "Style my hair differently"

déjà pseu - "Replace my black business wear with taupe and grey (and color accents)"

rosalinda - "Know that Not every fashion trend must be purchased."

creighton - "To wear something besides Reeboks and New Balance on my feet. I've even resorted to having our HR Goddess help me choose."

thomas - "Retire my old pair of jeans for something a little bit more updated"

laurie - "Weed, weed, weed.out.the.stuff.that.i.don't.wear"

jolie - "Very little black, lots of color, more prints, more skirts with boots."

rebecca - "To get a proper bra fitting!"

angie - "Wear more accessories"

rec'd a few more fashion resolutions on my newsletter...thought i would add them here as well

kerry - "My fashion new year's resolution is to get stylish work outfits for my staging jobs. Need a good looking athletic shoe and clothing."

karen - "my new year's resolution is to track down and buy those essential pieces that Elena suggested to pull together my client-interview wardrobe."

sara - "My promise to myself for this year is to be on time, if not a bit early, for everything, every day! This is fairly new and so far not as successful as I'd like! I also would like to put together more elegant yet comfortable outfits for work and play!"

aren't these great? i'm thinking i may add some of these to my own list...had some fun looking over the last two years of these posts...especially my own resolutions...the first year i kept it to the letter...last year...well...i think i will reveal my thoughts on a separate post...and also let you know what my personal fashion resolutions are...

if you want to get in and add yours...just leave it in the comments...the resolution part is never too late to fact...any day is a good day to start making positive changes...the key is to do it...even if it takes baby steps...

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