Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"modern world" stacy lomman new york...

the lovely stacy lomman is feverishly working on her fall 2012 collection...and we can help in being a part of this fabulous collection...personally...i have loved (and coveted) pieces from each collection that she has done so far...but this takes the seen below...feast your eyes on the long faux ostrich vest which will be seen in this fall 2012 collection...i mean really...the sketch alone is already making me drool...can you imagine the real thing?

so...stacy has been busy busy busy...

"Over the past year and a half, amazing things have happened. I've been featured in WWD, Dstripped magazine,, and interviewed by the Huffington Post, CBS News and Tenacity Radio's, "Got Style?". I am also a finalist in the women's ready-to-wear category for the Fashion Group International's, 2012 Rising Star Awards (winner to be announced on Jan. 26th)"

i was going to go into an explanation of how hard it is to get a collection out these days...or for that run any small business...but wendy brandes did a most wonderful write-up in the huffington post..."the agony and ecstasy of a small business" let's do our part and support "made in the u.s.a."...every little bit helps...can you imagine if we all gave up one or two easy is that?

when you are is stacy's kickstarter link...we only have until sunday january 29th...every little bit helps!

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  1. i can't believe i never saw this post before! well, i sort of can... on jan. 25 when it was published, i already hadn't slept for weeks and was in full on "crunch mode" for the show on feb. 16. thank you for always cheering me on!!! xoxo

  2. stacy - i didn't expect you to be freely reading blog posts - i know you were swamped...and yes...i will continue to cheer you on - your work is fabulous...and i can't wait till i actually am sitting at one of your shows...that is my goal!


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