Wednesday, January 4, 2012

guest post: re-inventing your accessories...

my lovely friend and fellow stylist...dana lynch...had a wonderful article in her monthly i asked if she wouldn't mind sharing it on my blog as a guest post...and being the lovely that she is...she of course said sure to check out her website elements of image and follow her on twitter as well...she is located in denver, if you are in that area and looking for a fabulous image consultant...look no further!

Do you always wear your accessories the same way? To change your look and get more mileage out of your jewelry, scarves, gloves, etc., I encourage you to look at your accessories in a new way. Here are a few ideas to get you started. You DIY types (you know who you are,) can go crazy with this!

Antique brooches strung on a gold or silver chain creates a whole new necklace.

The same pin can be attached to a long strand of faux pearls gives the everyday pearls a bit of sparkle. Or why not pin a scarf?

Do you have large button earrings left from the '80's? Try them on the collar of a casual shirt for a funky vibe.

Combine dressy scarves with casual clothes. Have fun mixing patterns!

Incorporate colorful gloves into your outfit for an outing when there's a tiny chill in the air.

Layer your necklaces. Get creative and go for combinations you normally wouldn't. The only hard, fast rule is for your necklaces to be varied lengths.

These are just a few ideas. Take even just a half hour; pull out all of your accessories and let your imagination run wild! You'll freshen up your wardrobe and you won't have spent a dime!

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