Monday, June 21, 2010

summer colors...

happy summer solstice! longest day of the year & official first day of summer!

intense sunlight + saturated color = summer

think of sherbet, mangoes, and the candy-colored houses of the tropics...the vibrant tones of summer sparkle in sunlight...they make us smile...whether we wear hot pink as an accessory to show off a tan...or a pool-blue suit to cool us off in the heat of july...

we can wear summer colors as an accent or the main event...but they the season that inspires them...bright...relaxed...and above

the lilly pulitzer designs to me...scream summer...vibrant colors with unique started in a family fruit stand in pulitzer was a society wife with too much time on her hands...she took to designing simple sleeveless shifts...with her dressmaker...from colorful flowered material and selling them alongside the grapefruits and oranges...a rage was pulitzer's wild floral prints defined the palm beach look of the 1960's and have been collected for years by women all over...including the young jackie kennedy...after a hiatus during the 1980' pulitzer dresses returned to the racks in the time to cash in on the latest celebration of fifties and sixties nostalgia...

lilly pulitzer blair dress


  1. I love summer! And it's really the only time during the year that I wear COLOR!

  2. to accent your white? right? =) your blog post on "white" made me smile when you said your color palette was black white & grey...glad you are adding some color!


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