Tuesday, June 15, 2010

creating your own shoe...

have you ever been there? couldn't find the perfect pair of shoes for that almost perfect outfit? i have to admit...i have never had a problem finding shoes...in fact...most times...i buy the shoes...and then create an outfit around them...makes perfect sense to me...

but i have to say...i was pretty intrigued when i first heard about envy couture...which was founded in 2006 by annabel leung...imagine...creating a shoe that meets your individual taste...you can basically design your own shoe...what are the decisions you need to make?
- style
- heel height
- leather
- fabric
- size
- heel finish

here is a snipet from the website:
"Annabel Leung, founder of Envy Couture studied at Goldsmiths College, the London College of Fashion and is the label's designer.

Taking her inspiration from London, Paris and Hong Kong, her collections feature a variety of high fashion and classic designs which are customised for each client and individually handmade to order.

Annabel always wanted to design shoes. She wanted to create visions of beauty combined with the highest standard of craftsmanship. Annabel herself has small feet and her initial idea was founded on the fact that she found it impossible to buy beautiful shoes which made her feel feminine and that expressed her personality."

so is this something you would try? does the idea of creating your own shoe intrique you?

couture evening "natalie"

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