Thursday, June 24, 2010

men's corner: taking the plunge...

it seems that swimwear for men is getting shorter...are you ready for that? while most men are still pretty modest or perhaps less secure about the ronen jehezkel of parke & ronen...a swimwear store in chelsea, ny...brought up a good point in an article in the ny times last month..."a lifeguard for before you get to the beach"

"They don't want to try on the shorter trunks because they're too revealing, and I tell them, 'What, you think those long board shorts hide your belly?' Most guys, even if they're fat, their legs look good. Why not show those? Sure, we have the long board shorts, but they're cut very narrow, for the 'spaghettini', the tall, thin guys with skinny legs. You can't put them in the short trunks - it looks like a cheerleader skirt."

the popular swim trunk seems to be reminiscent of the old gym shorts...remember those? the vintage sports references seem familiar...but fortunately...the old gym-short feature of the elastic waistband is long gone...

bottom is summer...pick a great color or print...and have fun...

parke and ronen swim trunks

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