Wednesday, June 16, 2010

grace kelly surprise...

back in april i was really wishing to be in london...i have admired grace kelly for soooooooooooo long...and to imagine walking through an exhibit of hers...well...there are no words...truly...

so imagine my jealousy err...excitement...when my good friend (and business partner) adena told me she was going to london... =) all kidding aside...i truly was very excited for her...and couldn't wait for her to tell me all about it...

so adena gets home...and her world wind traveling continues...she is off on another trip...but before that...i needed to drop some client orders off at her house...i knew she wouldn't be home...and as i'm walking up the walkway...what do i see at the door?

can she be any sweeter?

an addition to my coffee table book addiction... =)

grace kelly style

i won't tell you how many times i have looked through this may think i need to get a are some pics from the book...

here is a little snipet that adena wrote about her visit on her fb page...i keep telling her she needs to start a blog...but if you are on follow her...she has some great posts on fashion...

Style with grace - by Adena

Grace Kelly that is. As a long-time fan of Grace Kelly, I so enjoyed seeing the exhibit of many of her beautiful outfits at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London recently. She embodied the essence of style, simplicity, and elegance - both as an actress and in her subsequent life as Princess. The exhibit features not only her beautiful dresses, but also her trademark white gloves and a few of her purses and shoes. Her 5' 6 and 1/2" height was problematic for her in initially landing roles, and she admitted that her greatest beauty problem was in managing her weight; however, Edith Head once remarked that she had a waist that was "much too small" (what a problem!) In viewing her gowns, it was apparent how very slim she was - although she wore a size 10 dress (then, the smallest size usually sold.)

One of my favorite gowns is one that wasn't in the exhibition - an Edith Head-designed gown she wore in "Rear Window" - a movie classic for many reasons, not the least of which is the lovely clothes she wore throughout the movie as a young woman working in the fashion industry.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see this movie, please rent it - it's true entertainment (before the age of digital enhancement!)

In addition to Grace, my other style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and Princess Diana. Who are yours?


  1. Aw - thanks for your thoughts! I'm glad you liked the book - I'm like you, I keep going back to it. She's a real inspiration!

  2. I adore Grace Kelly also! Every so often when I'm cooking in the kitchen I'll pop Rear Window in and marvel at her all over again. Awesome movie, awesome wardrobe! Which of the dresses is your favorite-- the sage green or the Dior in the opening scene?
    I am even more interested in her everyday looks, something I could actually wear, and for that I like to watch her in High Society. Clean, crisp and no frou-frou!
    Car in Utah

  3. Oooh, Grace Kelly... what a beauty and an icon. Adena was so sweet to pick that up for you! Love the cat post-it too!!

  4. stacy - you are quite perceptive...i didn't notice the cat until i got home...haha...
    anonymous - what a great way to cook! i agree...her everyday style was beautiful, simple & elegant...
    wendyb - yeah...she's a keeper =)
    thanks again adena!


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