Thursday, June 3, 2010

men's corner: spanx for men...

i knew that it would just be a matter of time before the big ole "spanx" revolution would jump over to the men's corner...i mean really...isn't it all about looking your best?

the misconception for a long time was that shapewear (for women) was only worn by those who were...well...a little over the weight they would like to be...but truth be told...women that are size 2's swear by there isn't about your is about shaping...creating a smooth supportive surface for your clothes to look their best on you... the ny article caught my's 'shapewear' is a retail hit...seems online sales are a bit men are still a little shy about the purchase...but i for thrilled to hear that men...just like women...are looking to look their best...

so men...if you are can find your very own spanx for men at neiman marcus...and this month...they will also be offered at nordstrom, saks fifth ave & bloomingdales...or you can go directly to

photo credit: deidre schoo for the new york times

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