Saturday, October 9, 2010

fashion funnies: you don't know how to tie a tie?

sent by one of my dear the way...does know how to tie his own tie...

of course i am assuming this is a conversation between father & son =)

son: calypso's grandpap passed away over the weekend. now we have to go to the funeral and all that stuff...

father: ahw. i'm sorry to hear it. dang

son: well, i figured it was about time i bought one of these here contraptions for such an occasion - but i can't figure out how to tie it...

father: you don't know how to tie a tie? that's funny

son: you know what else would be funny? if i strangled you with it. now help me tie this up dorkus maximus

father: it's real over again-up through-down through hoop-and yank...

father: there! how do you feel?

son: ack! i feel like i'm being force choked by powers of authority

father: well, that's how you know it's tied right.

"enjoy your weekend!"

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