Sunday, October 3, 2010

can i have an olive with that?

although black will never really go away...there are definately some new neutrals coming in strong for fall this what will you be sporting?

what is the new black this season? is it grey? yes! but it is also camel...even better if worn together...grey & camel...such a beautiful combination...i have some clients that can't wear these colors around their face..but that is ok...and still doable...when these colors wash you out...or just aren't the colors that are best suited for you...then opt for these colors in your pants or skirts, shoes, belts...if you are able to wear them around your it up in scarves, jackets etc...

another biggie this season is olive green...think army green (one of my personal favorites...i have to admit) although this color tends to have a more casual vibe...there are ways to dress it up...and being that this color is big this season...we will probably be seeing it in blouses & still my heart... =)

so...since military fashion is sure to dominate this fall...will it invade your closet?


  1. Got an olive green sweater and camel coat just this weekend!

  2. lovely combo! i am on the hunt for an olive sweater as well!


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