Monday, August 9, 2010

put together: mismatch your prints...

flipping through my august 2010 instyle to page 248...and well...just stopped...and truly took a moment to admire this very well put together ensemble...

i know...i's not for everyone...but it really does work...veronica etro, head of etro womenswear her tips to make the look work..."pair a bold, decorative pattern, such as loud florals, with a geometric one, like clean polka dots, that's smaller in scale, so they're not competing"

i say...yes yes! do you like mixing patterns?

l.l. bean signature rayon crepe blouse
etro acetate & wool skirt
nancy gonzalez crocodile belt
philip crangi rings

photo scanned by moi


  1. I'm a big fan of mixing and even mismatching prints. Simple things can look so much more interesting in unusual combinations. Thanks for posting the photo, Elena!

  2. I say YES! I love that combo. As an inverted triangle, I'd love a brocade skirt...hoping to find one in my price point. You know I love dots with animal print.


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