Thursday, August 5, 2010

men's corner: the fedora...

...has made quite the splash this truly is a great look on both men & women...but since today is all about you men...let's focus...

made from woven straw, hemp or wool...there is a fedora style for every season...and since we are in the heat of summer...what better way to stay cool and look chic!

here are some stylin dudes in their fedora's...

jude law
photo source

brad pitt
photo source

photo source

i'm thinking ne-yo said it best...year of the gentleman...casual or dressed to the is a very put together look...

find your perfect fedora...


  1. If I may, I'd like to add one small detail: These are referred to as 'stingy brim' fedoras, in that the width of the brim is much smaller than the standard men's fedora (think Indiana Jones).

  2. thank you toby! i did not know when my readers add new info!

  3. One of the interesting things about this group of photos is that Jude Law really doesn't look that great in this style - part of it is the sharp angle of his jaw and part of it is that he's wearing the hat at the top and back of his head (I think ol' Jude is not particularly comfortable wearing hats - unlike Brad Pitt, who wears them all the time and has developed his own sense of style in terms of how he wears them). With no width of brim to balance off the rest of the hat, this is a style that really needs to be worn low on the head and tilted to one side (think Frank Sinatra, who people might think wore 'stingies' but what he wore was a more casual, lower crowned standard men's dress hat with a slightly shorter brim than normal. why? Because he was short). Jude Law is 5'11" but very skinny, which produces a huge vertical in his appearance - a hat with a slightly larger brim, worn lower down and tilted to one side, would put a diagonal across the top of his figure which would be very good on him.


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