Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the perfect plain tee...

you would think that finding a simple white tee would be a no-brainer...but no...i have had some trouble...some swear by the hanes three-pack...have you tried them?

so what would a perfect plain tee look like? first & must be soft soft soft...a v-neck would be almost barely there thin...

so is that asking too much? everytime i turn around...a new t-shirt has come out...but one of my preferences is always missing...

so i know...that when i find it...i will be buying several...don't they look sexy with a boyfriend jacket?

do you have a favorite that you swear by? please share!



  1. One of my t-shirt criteria is that it's long enough to wear with low-cut pants and not show any skin. I mean, it's an okay look for the beach but I like to wear t-shirts with professional clothing as well.

  2. karen - i agree...the length is important...

  3. Try the tees by Vince, at Nordstrom. They are spendy but fantastic. If you want a bunch of less expensive ones to rotate through (I get several white and several black per year, as foundations), the Mossimo Ultimate Tee v-neck is superb. It is soft, but not so soft it is tissue-drapey, and it hangs very well, and is thick enough to wear and not look like you are wearing underwear or a nightie.

    1. hi norma - great suggestions! i agree...when you find something that works for you...stock up! especially when it comes to pieces that you know you will wear often...


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