Tuesday, August 3, 2010

put some money in your pocket...

exciting day today...setting up for the jana kos fall 2010 collection trunk show...while i know this will be a tiring day...it is SO fun to set-up the show room in anticipation of all the fabulous women that will be coming to touch & feel this gorgeous collection...

jana kos fall 2010 collection
trunk show
august 4 - 11, 2010

by personal appointment
morning, afternoon & evening appointments available


and i...have a proposition for you! if you have been reading my blog posts for the last week or so...you have caught glimpses of some of the beautiful pieces that are on there way to redwood shores, ca...whether you live in the area...or not...if you know of someone in my area...that would love this collection...i want to give back to you...

as an independent business woman...i rely on referrals to build my business...particularly when it comes to image and style...the personal referral is especially important...i've found that when women find a resource that they love...they are more than happy to share that information with their friends and acquaintances...

however...i want you to know that i value the referrals that you make...so i want you to put a cool $50 in your pocket every time you refer someone to me who becomes a buying customer...you can take that referral as a credit to use at one of my upcoming trunk shows or you can take it as cash...your choice!

i've included a certificate below that has all my contact information on it...to make it easy to share with your friends...if you know the value of the private...personalized shopping experience...i'm sure your friends will appreciate it's value as well...

as always, thank you for your support!

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