Friday, August 20, 2010

guest post: pictures that make me smile...

she did it very good friend...and business partner posted another note on her adenadesign facebook business page...and i of course...begged asked if i could post it on my blog...i keep nagging hinting she needs to start a blog...hopefully she will soon...until then...i'll just keep using some of her posts on facebook on my blog...oh...and be sure to "fan" her... =)

and here it is...LOVE the pictures...

When I opened the September issue of Food and Wine, on the third page was this fabulous photo of a Charleston garden party spread, along with a gentleman decked out in oh-so-stylish attire, including his great Fedora. This photo not only made me smile, but also prompted me to immediately turn to the featured story "Party at the Drop of a Hat" , which had more smile-inducing photos. I've always been a hat lover and these photos are encouraging me to jump back in and have some fun with hats. Does anyone else feel the urge to don a hat? Happy Weekend!

photo source: scanned by adena ditonno

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