Monday, March 1, 2010

guest post: Love to open the mailbox and see "Fashion Issue" on the cover of a magazine!

guest blogger: the fabulous adena ditonno

adena is my fabulous friend and business partner...she currently does not have her own blog...but she should...because she is a fabulous can click here to follow her as a fan on her facebook business page...adena ditonno designs

i asked if i could post her latest entry from her facebook page...she kindly said yes! here it is...

Those of us whose business is fashion get plenty of fashion magazines. But it's fun to find fashion news in non-fashion magazines, like this month's Departures magazine. The Hermes stiletto spectators on the cover are fabulous (at a not-so-fabulous price of $1275!) The problem is - once you see something like this that is perfect, style-wise, then try to find something similar at a better price point, you're pretty much on a wild goose chase.

Besides these great shoes, there are stories about how the shopping in Dallas has continued unabated (you go girls!)....the Vera Wang rise from an editor at Vogue to a designer of bridal couture to just 'designer' (loved the photo of her black - yes, black! - wedding dress!)'s custom boxers (I kid you not!)..and lots of other fun-to-read articles.

I'm off on my goose chase for the perfect, affordable spectators - let me know if you find them!


  1. I used to read this magazine all the time. Not sure why I stopped. I'm definitely going to buy this issue with the killer shoe on the cover. I love it!

  2. the shoes definately get your attention...i can't wait to read the articles...and i want to see the black wedding dress...


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