Sunday, March 7, 2010

meant to be together...

this week i ventured out to see one of my favorite vintage jewelry vendors...i usually only visit her once a year...but she was having a "blow-out" sale...and i had to see what she was essentially "blowing out"

i realized as i was buying my picks from her...that i tend to buy vintage to be worn in combination with...such as my birthday vintage purchase that i got last year...i have worn these bracelets several times...and only once where it was not together...i just think it has more of a dramatic look...and who doesn't want a bit of drama? is my latest combo love love...the one bracelet caught my eye because it is like little charms...and they slide...which is so unique & different from anything else i have...and the other...well...i just loved the colors...and was just meant to could i buy one and not the other? you combine your vintage jewelry?


  1. The bracelets are beautiful. I checked out your bday bracelets and just loved them, especially together.

    I just found your blog and I really enjoy it. I really liked your post a few days ago about mixing patterns. It's not my thing but I admire anyone who can pull it off with aplomb like you do.

  2. Thank goodness I was able to enlarge that photo! Amazing detail on these pieces. Loved the Cameo. Gorgeous!

  3. hi lulu - thanks for stopping by...i love hearing from new readers...i will be sure to check out your blog as well!
    stacy - love cameo' fact...i have wanted to do a charm bracelet of just cameo's...maybe one day... =) you are right...the detail is amazing on these two pieces...can't wait to wear them!


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