Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a pair of shoes...

as i am frantically trying to get ready for the BIG 4 day sale starting "online" fabulous finds consignment boutique will be open to the local public...with over 800 has been so difficult for me to decide which pieces to i would like to show all of them...i just don't have the has time to price over 800 items...not i... =)

so...for time to blog...but wanted to leave you with a pic my client sent me...don't have a photo if you know...please comment so that i can give proper kudo's to whomever...

and if you happen to live in the san francisco bay area...and would like more info on this BIG me at - it is this thursday thru sunday 10 to san mateo area... =)

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  1. Just posted to comment on that cindarella quote actually. I totally love it and just shared it on Pinterest with all my followers!


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