Thursday, February 16, 2012

men's corner: it's in the details...

sweater season is still in full force...and yet...most are being marked down in department they get ready for spring if you are needing to stock up on a few more...get thee to the store now!

but don't just stop and peruse over the solid colors...while they all have their place in your is the tiniest of details that make a sweater that much more special...

how about a bit of color blocking?

etro v-neck sweater

an interesting border & pocket adds some nice interest...

rag & bone 'franklin' crewneck sweater

or go for a button down cardigan...

7 diamonds 'karlstad' cardigan sweater

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  1. I just bought a few V-neck sweaters for my husband; easy and he looks put together.

  2. exactly - such a great "put together" look and so easy! did you get some fabulous colors?


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