Thursday, February 23, 2012

the colored jean...

although this trend has been going strong for quite some time...i have yet to purchase my first pair of colored reason...jeans are not an easy purchase for me...but do you decide on just one color?

i clipped this pic below from a bloomingdales catalog...but i've seen them nicely lined up at j. crew...banana republic...pretty much every store that has jeans...i love seeing all the choices in color...

but i just can't decide...will it be purple?? red?? burnt orange??

les sigh...

have you got bitten by the colored jean trend? if so...what color did you decide on?

scanned by moi


  1. Hi Elena! Well, I am jumping on this one. I got a very light, sort of muted lilac color to use as a neutral with taupe and burgundy. These were from GAP. They are a bit low waisted, but I have searched high and low for the color and decided to make a fit sacrafice. I also got a pink pair, not too bright, a bit of a soft wash to them. Those were from AE Outfitters. I got a "high waisted" pair in burgundy from Urban Outfitters. They are suuuuuper soft and comfy and just high enough to pull in the baby pooch on my tummy. Perfect for wearing tees OUT. There is a way to work this trend at any age. It's fun and expressive! K

  2. hi karen! thank you for your comments...i agree - there is a way to work these in any age...
    most of the ones i have seen that i like are low rise...which doesn't work for me...but my search will continue until i find the right pair...and at that point...heck...i may splurge and get two pairs! =)


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