Thursday, April 28, 2011

the signs all point to orange...

so this morning i saw this cute little article in the wsj "classics with a twist" which i posted to my fabulous finds facebook page...(feel free to follow me)...

the article line that caught my eye was "a splash of citrus, a flash of orange to brighten everyday essentials"...which got me to thinking...that i should probably pull out my little orange handbag that i got years and years truly is such a happy color...don't you think?

fast forward about 6 hours...i showed up at my parents house...and there on the kitchen still my beating heart...peeps! and orange ones! mom had bought them for me (gotta love her) and forgot to give them to me at you know about my love for peeps in color...but i had never seen them in orange...aren't they the cutest?

so all signs are pointing to orange...what do you think that means?

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