Wednesday, April 6, 2011

men's corner: dressing up - it doesn't have to be complicated...

some of you will be glad to hear this...if you're more comfortable in your khaki's and polo shirts...or jeans and'll be glad to know that when you do have the occasion to spiff it up a's not necessarily a black or navy suit that you need to turn to...(big sigh of relief here?)

the march issue of esquire magazine had a great suggestion on how to mix the high-end part of your wardrobe with the low-end..."the high-low theory of fashion affordability"...while they are talking essentially about the dollar amount invested...this theory can also be applied to the style aspect as well...pair the high-end items (blazer and vest) with a low-end (jeans) and a mid-range item or two (belt, tie, maybe even try sporting a pocket square?) and you can achieve a dressed-up casual look that can pass muster for many occasions...

of course...for the truly "important" occasions of life...i.e. job interviews...weddings...etc., you'll still want to keep a suit handy in the closet...but just knowing that you have options might make dressing up a bit more fun...

(excerpt from march newsletter)

photo source
illustrations by joe mckendry

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