Thursday, April 7, 2011

bill cunningham new york...

to say i adore the fabulous bill cunningham would be an understatement...such an eye for his commentary...and his laugh...well it always makes me imagine my delight...when i heard that a documentary of him was coming out...i figured i would need to wait it out...and see it hopefully one day on netflix...but is hitting san francisco tomorrow...april 8th...can you feel my excitement?

here's the trailer...and if it wets your appetite to go out and see can click on the link above...and there is a tab of all the places the film is playing...

"the best fashion show is on the street...always has been...always will be..."
~ bill cunningham

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  1. This is the second post I have seen on this film and now I really, really want to see it!!

  2. he is fabulous! have you seen his weekly video's "on the street"? he captures great style...i posted one today on my facebook page - take a peak if you are on fb!

  3. I heart Bill. He's such a talented cutie pie!


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