Thursday, January 20, 2011

fashion resolutions 2011...

i decided to go back and see last years post on fashion resolutions...and it looks like i kept mine...right to the shoe! or should that be plural? yes...definately plural on the shoes... =)

"as for fashion resolution is to really think about each purchase...and buy only what i truly love...and really to work within my own in my closet...and rework items i have currently in a new way...and continue to buy vintage...and shoes!"

this year...many didn't want to make resolutions...not quite sure why...for me...i've always seen it more as a goal or try something that i've wanted to...and the "resolution" somehow gives me the push to get "it" started...

so here are the lovely submissions by my fabulous readers...not to late...if you would like to participate...just add your fashion resolution to the comments...we would all love to read them...really...

in no particular order...from both twitter, facebook and email...and if you are not following me yet...please do...would love to get to know you better...

tori - Im going to get dressed before noon and try to wear more grown up clothing. :)

rebecca - Buy quality not quanity! And try to stick to wearing my colours!

theresa - I got the job! Resolution is YOU shopping for my wardrobe!!

peter - Expand my tie collection with more color. Are you going to help me???

victoria - My New Year resolution is to pile it on. I am going to start wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets this year. I love the look and want to wear ALL the pieces I love instead of the same old few. I might even get more holes in my ears.

teri - I've lost enough to have to buy new jeans. I don't usually wear jeans but I do know. Lol. They look good with all my dusters. Yippy.

dana - I'm actually making a bunch. I want to try a lot of new styles, and I'm most excited for the resolution to stop worrying if everything makes me look fat. Hello, I know how to dress for my body!

charles - I'm finally going to let you invade my closet. Take out what YOU say doesn't work - and then we go shopping.

stacy - I'm going to replace my dingy white T's. It's TIME! Bleach can only do so much :)

crystal-marie - Get rid of clothes that do not fit. I've lost a lot of weight and am holding onto clothes that are too big.

lisa - What a great question! Mine is to update my pants wardrobe ;-)

mike - Get rid of those shoes you dispise!

too funny...i enjoyed reading these...and as always...i'm here to any way i can...

my resolution is to REALLY clean out my closet...yes...even i get lazy...get rid of the items that i know i won't be wearing...continue with my resolution from last year...because...i tell you...when you buy what you truly love...not just what is "a good deal" or "it'll do" makes a huge difference in the morning...when you are getting me! and...i could use a few more vintage pieces...and shoes...

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