Thursday, January 13, 2011


i don't know about you...but it seems incredible that we are into the year 2011! although i have yet to get the "resolutions" post together...i thought it might be more interesting to focus on key concepts i plan to keep in mind this year vis a vis style - maybe they'll resonate with you too...

STAY true to my individual style...add some SASS or SURPRISE to keep from being ordinary...SPRUCE up my wardrobe with thoughtful additions for this season that will either last as classics (> quality, more $$$ invested) or suffice only in the short-term (< quality OK, less $ spent.)

THIN out the items that no longer work for me...THINK more carefully about sale purchases - it's not a bargain if you can't instantly make at least 3 outfits from your existing wardrobe...experiment with TONALITY - combining complementary hues of camel or gray or blue or teal (or whatever color loves you) into a column of a single color...very sophisticated and sleek!

Think YOUTHFUL, not YOUNG (unless of course, you are young), when it comes to staying current...make the current trends YOURS by adapting them to what is appropriate for your age and style...for example, leggings can look great on those of us who are 40+ - just make sure the sweater or skirt you layer on top ends closer to the knee than mid-thigh...

LAYER short-sleeved tees over long-sleeved....or tanks over blouses...or cropped sweaters over long's a fun, casual look that can work for virtually all ages. (plus, given our colder-than-normal temps these day, it's almost a necessity!) LIGHTEN up that's amazing how the pounds and the clutter add up...our backs and shoulders just don't need it, and really, how many lipsticks and glosses do we really need to tote around! willing to EMBRACE new ideas, whether it's a fresh new look at make-up or hairstyle or heel height or color or ??? don't be afraid to EXPERIMENT a little. if you want a friendly, non-partial eye to help you out, that's my business...i'm EXCITED to help your EXTERIOR be your most EXCELLENT EXPRESSION of your inner ESSENCE (okay, i got a little carried away there, but it's the last letter and it was fun!)

(excerpt from fabulous finds january newsletter)

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