Wednesday, July 21, 2010

take a walk on the wild side...

i would have to say that one of the most frequently asked questions that i get...would have to be..."is animal print still in?" yes...i mean...let us put aside the fact that i consider it my neutral...if you look forward to the fall runway shows...animal print is here to a walk on the wild side...and pick your poison...

the wonderful thing about animal that you really don't need a whole lot of it to make a could be a simple animal print skinny belt to a "wow" pair of animal print shoes...

or maybe something in croc print? how fabulous is that??

or perhaps a handbag in zebra print?

whatever your choice is...if you haven't already done so...incorporate a little bit of the wild side into your is a simple way to be a little bold...

but whatever you head to toe coverage in animal print...meaning...don't do the animal print handbag that matches the shoes...that matches the belt...that matches the hat...remember...a little goes a long way...

what is your favorite animal print? and how do you incorporate it into your wardrobe?


  1. I love, love, love animal print. People who know me would think it's kind of strange. My mode of dress tends to be conservative and I think most associate animal print with very wild, out going personalities, which I'm not. Like you said, add it in small amounts: a belt, a scarf, a bag. It really gives a little twist to a conservative outfit. My favorite would have to be a cheetah print or a snakeskin.

  2. Totally agree - it's a great neutral! My fav is leopard.

  3. Animal print is NEVER out! How can they even ask? ;-)
    I would vote for leopard print! I love it in linings or in outerwear.

  4. lulu - absolutely...a little goes a long way!
    adena - i can attest...leopard looks good on you!
    stacy - amen! never ever out!
    i gravitate to the leopard as well...although the zebra & giraffe print has been catching my eye...


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