Saturday, July 24, 2010

fashion funnies: "i feel good about me..."

"cathy" is always good for a laugh...this was in last weeks sunday paper...cathy is bathing suit shopping...such a fun

saleswoman: welcome to the "i feel good about me" swimwear season!

saleswoman: plus-sized bikinis! abundant tanks! nice and roomy swim shorts and skirts!

saleswoman: real suits for the real bodies of real women!

saleswoman: this year every single one of us can face the swimsuits and say "i feel good about me!"

saleswoman: do you know why we can say "i feel good about me??"

cathy: because we're standing here fully clothed and the suits are way over there.

saleswoman: exactly, shall i ring one up that you can feel good about not putting on in the privacy of your own home?

quite the sales

(click on pic to enlarge)


  1. Cathy has been bathing-suit shopping for about 40 years, it feels like. And still no luck!


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