Sunday, May 23, 2010

what is behind your closet door?

you know it's time...opening the door...where to start...think of it as culling in fashion...

the bad news?

it's painful...even if you wouldn't be caught dead in it...can you bear to part with your ex-boyfriend's ratty college sweatshirt?

it's also'll have to try on the contents of your closet and your bureau...maybe two or three's depressing if you've outgrown your lucky jeans...

the good news?

sometimes...a hard look at your wardrobe reveals whole new ensembles...and you won't have spent a may find a reason you're not wearing a particular dress is simply that you've neglected to buy stockings that go with it...purge your closet before embarking on a big shopping'll have a better idea of what you really need...


  1. I like purging my closet! I make a fun day of it. It's like playing dress up!

  2. stacy - you are definately in the minority when it comes to cleaning out the closet...good for you for making it a fun event...


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