Monday, May 17, 2010

iris apfel...a woman with style...

my girlfriend sent me this knowing what an "iris apfel" fan i am...thought i would share...


  1. I love this woman. I see her at fashion shows and events. I've said "hello" to her and chatted a bit. As you may have imagined, she is a doll. She always has the most amazing accessories. Seriously stylish woman.

  2. i would LOVE to meet her...sit and chat with her...i have always followed her philosophy on styling clothes...and that she is not afraid to wear color...or "big" accessories...

  3. I never heard of Iris Apfel until a blog a couple of years ago mentioned her book A Rare Bird of Fashion. When I finally saw the book I was hooked. What an amazing woman with equally amazing style. I was lucky enough to see her exhibit when it came to the Boston area a few months ago.

    Thank you for sharing the video.

  4. fabulous i would have loved to have seen that exhibit...lucky you!


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