Saturday, May 1, 2010

i confess...i am a vintage coat addict...

the lovely cherie over at shrimpton couture wrote a lovely post about me...i just had to's all about the vintage coat...

on a side note...if you are an avid vintage lover...keep checking her website as she adds new items daily...i am in awe of the pieces that she has...

in cherie's post...she says about me "she is a bit of a vintage coat addict"...that made me right she is!

here is the other vintage coat i purchased from shrimpton couture

i guess i need to confess...that yes...i am a vintage coat addict...if you would like to see more of my collection...that i have gotten over the years...let me know...i can always do a vintage coat post =)

so...what vintage pieces do you gravitate to?


  1. I really love this coat! Such a great color too.

  2. thanks stacy - it is definately one of my favorites...and goes with quite a lot in my closet...

  3. You should definitely do a vintage coat post! The one you're wearing is gorgeous! Remember the one I nearly sold? I kept it, wore it all winter and wound up getting compliments every time I went. I changed my mind, it's a keeper!

  4. oh yeah...i remember...the one i was lusting after =) except it wasn't my size...good for is beautiful...


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