Monday, May 10, 2010

coming and going...

you are sure to make an impression with this black ponte knit zippered jacket and black bling top...even if you take the jacket off...the top alone makes a serious statement - no jewelry required...

black ponte knit cupro wash zipper jacket, black knit bling top

black knit bling top

but then...when it's time to will still turn heads thanks to the detail that is one of jana's trademarks - that is - something special on the back of almost all her jackets...and sometimes, skirts...

black ponte cupro wash zipper jacket (love how the back zipper unzips from the bottom!)

take a look at the detailing on these beauties...

texture weave saffron jacket

stretch faille cactus jacket (featured in previous post); truly looks like leather, doesn't it?!

frosted linen grape jacket

and the detailing doesn't stop there - look at the beautiful lining and trim...

frosted linen grape jacket lining and trim (sometimes, i just want to display the INSIDE of my jacket - it's SO beautiful!)

i think we're all ready for the "actual" change of the seasons! what is it with 'one day it's hot' and 'the next it's cold'? the good news, in our area, is that it's a perfect time to come in now and stock up for our "summer season" (i.e. september and october, when the temps are perfect!) because sooner than you would think, the stores are going to be stocking in the fall selections - at a time when we haven't even begun to enjoy our 'special summer season'...don't let this showing pass you by...

and one more note - you can't truly know the depth of this collection until you take a moment, come in, and touch & try-on these pieces...jana always picks the best fabrics and this is something you have to experience first-hand!

jana kos summer 2010 collection
trunk show (in redwood shores, ca)
by personal appointment
may 5 thru 16


  1. She has some lovely stuff. Looks good on you too! :)

  2. Yeah! I'm all about the "back detail."

  3. I love the bling top! I also think the saffron jacket is cute.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I would love to see you again soon.

  4. gigi's consignment closet - you are so sweet...thank you!

    stacy - i agree...why not look good coming in & leaving a room?

    deconstruction - i have been following your blog for a while...i read every post!

  5. But I don't like those "need no jewelry" tops :-)

  6. haha...wendyb - coming from you...yes...i could see why =) actually maybe one "need no jewelry" top would be ok...but like you...i love wearing my jewels...although i do not "yet" own a wendyb day...sigh...


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