Saturday, December 19, 2009

so...which would you choose?

marie claire did an article about a week ago on:

the luxe list: luxury gifts for women...
turn off your guilt switch and indulge with these fantastically glamorous gifts...

the list includes...

everlon diamond pendant
gold i-pod touch
algonquin round table experience
resort vacation
designer loveseat
black caviar
airplane and pilot training
designer shoes
tiffany & co. ring
digital camera
designer clutch
chocolate trunk
sonic chair
limited edition perfume
dinner in the sky
rent an aston martin

did someone say chocolate trunk?? a girl can only dream...

"As purveyors of some of the finest cocoa confections this side of the equator, MarieBelle now offers the ultimate travel accessory for the girl who plans on seeing both sides of that line. For the posh world traveler, the chocolatier has commissioned this exquisitely designed, custom Italian leather traveling trunk — but before she can stuff its drawers full of this year's fashions, she'll have to work through 5 pounds of chocolate, 350 pieces of rich ganache, and four tins of Aztec hot chocolate. (, $15,000)"

oh cherish the thought...5 pounds of chocolate, 350 pieces of rich ganache, and four tins of aztec hot chocolate...AND a lovely custom italian leather traveling trunk =)

Photo credit:Courtesy of MarieBelle

so...which would you choose?


  1. Ok, that's it, I am going downstairs and opening the box of truffles I was saving for when my parents come for Christmas!


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