Friday, December 4, 2009

cashmere & rosemary...

love my cashmere...i have a closet me...there is nothing more luxurious...

how about you?

if you are like me...and have a closet packed with do you keep it princess-perfect? few things are as heart-stopping as the sight of a tiny hole in your favorite sweater...just because you now know how to turn an old cashmere sweater into a snug headband and a decorative pillow...doesn't meant you want your entire wardrobe to end up that way!

mothballs are smelly...i say no no no to the mothballs...

cedar is one way to go...but at times i get tired of that scent...and want something different...

what's a girl to do?? simple...just go out to the garden and snip some rosemary...i've battled those hungry moths myself and was delighted to learn that fresh rosemary wards off the little guys...cut yourself a few stalks (or pick them up in the herb section of the grocery store if you don't have rosemary growing) and place them in and around your might cut a nice bunch and wrap the ends in twine and hang it upside down in your closet...cutting fresh rosemary and replacing it every few weeks is a nice little ritual that gets you out into your garden...and the real bonus is that your closet smells like an talian bakery all the time...ahhh...fresh focaccia! what could be better?

do you have some tricks of the trade to keep your cashmere safe?


  1. Such a good tip! And I LOVE the smell of rosemary!

  2. me too! i have a huge rosemary bush in my i shouldn't be running out of it anytime soon... =)

  3. Ditto on what Lipstick Chick said! So far I've been lucky with only having one hole in one out of my five cashmere sweaters (though some are a bit tight at the moment and I haven't checked them in a while!) but that is indeed a good way to keep the little dusty-winged pests away!

  4. all it took for me was that "first" hole in one of my favorite cashmere shawls...and then i was on a mission to not let it happen again...this seems to work best for me...


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