Friday, March 16, 2012

what your shoes say about you...

and interesting article caught my eye in the march issue of instyle magazine...all about there any doubt why it would catch my attention? the article was titled..."what's your shoe personality?" if on over to see all the fabulous spring shoes that are available...

have you ever wondered what your shoes say about you? whether you are wearing flats or speak volumes...even if you are not a shoe long as your shoes are in tip top shape...who wants an outfit to be ruined by scuffed up i right?

so the different types the article listed were...

my shoes say...

"just try to ignore me..."

"i love the classics..."

"check out these legs..."

"i like to stay grounded..."

"i'm the boss..."

"i don't take no for an answer..."

how many categories do you fall under? are there categories that were missed and clearly should be added? please share...

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