Tuesday, March 27, 2012

shoes in the color of the year...

while i am seeing tangerine tango...the color of the year announced by pantone...almost everywhere...including my closet...in the shoe department...i come up short...so i've been wanting to buy the perfect pair...

something like this would be lovely...

are you looking to add tangerine tango to your wardrobe?

cesare paciotti
scanned by moi
harper's bazaar - march issue


  1. Don't faint, but I bought a color block dress in tangerine, ivory and black. Should be very fun for spring. And, I am coveting a pair of shoes for those more work-oriented clothing days! (Janice)

  2. janice - that sounds lovely! i think color blocking is so fun...and with a touch of tangerine...you got two trends covered! on the shoes...my advice...don't covet...buy them! you work hard and deserve them! =)


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