Thursday, March 22, 2012

put together: ladylike...

while perusing my april issue of harper's between sips of java...i come to this absolute beauty...completely not sure if this "had me at hello" or just a very "put together" outfit...i couldn't decide which category to place it under...

but then i thought...who cares about the category? because this outfit is "right" on so many levels...and yes...i know it is obsession...but it is more then fifties inspired...i can hear my mom's voice telling me how i was born in the wrong era... =)

beyond the green...beyond the perfection of the dress...and the handbag...and the shoes...even the hair! are you possibly getting that i am absolutely loving this look?

more then anything...i love how ladylike one can look...with very few pieces...

dress by jil sander
handbag by marni
shoes by marc jacobs
scanned by moi


  1. I do love this dress... I went through some sort of style phase once where I wore this color green all the time. : ) It really is a perfect standout color for many women. ... the picture in itself is pretty cool too... it kind of reminds me of 'North Jersey.'

  2. - very agreed about the "very few pieces" part as well!

  3. hi melissa! i think this editorial was done in brooklyn...

    i don't think i ever grew out of my "green" phase...and this shade of truly


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