Thursday, May 26, 2011

men's corner: what is "put together"?

seems that there has been a lot of talk about casual wear and casual the news lately...and in my own defines what "put together" should look like for a nice casual day at work...or to the clubhouse...or...while traveling?

the thing is...when someone doesn't know you...hasn't met you...the first impression is mostly based on what you are wearing...and whether you think that is shallow...or that you "just don't care" entirely up to you...but...i can clearly give examples of people being treated differently by the way they were dressed...

want an upgrade at the airport? dress up!
looking for that promotion at work? dress up!
want to be noticed? dress up!

"dress-up" does not mean you have to be wearing a three piece in this beautiful pic i saw in the june issue of gq magazine...tell me this man does not look sharp...and how easy can this be? if you look at the pieces separately...this is really not a hard look to pull off...but it looks SO put together...

so...step it will be surprised how great YOU will feel (which is most important) those around you will take notice...really!

scanned by moi

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