Monday, May 16, 2011

april showers bring may flowers...

...and in our case here in the san francisco bay area...looks like the rain is continuing on in the month of may...les sigh...but...that doesn't mean we should be looking like we are dressed for winter...

so yes...we're all ready for the rains to go away...and hopefully they will soon enough...they do give us all those beautiful blossoms to why not join in? there's no reason to wear boring rain-wear when there are so many other options out there...take a look....

why not try one of these adorable umbrellas?

photo source:

photo source:

or maybe a colorful raincoat or anorak to replace your basic black or tan?

photo source: nordstrom

photo source: nordstom

add in some cheerful wellies and you're sure to brighten up anyones path that you cross!

photo source: boomingdales

photo source: bloomingdales

(excerpt from april/may newsletter)


  1. As fun as these pictures are, south Texas is in a severe drought...Sigh!! Nothing but dry heat!

  2. i loved the weather in texas when i was there a month or so ago...although everyone kept warning me about the humidity in summer...which i actually don't mind...i think...haha...our bay area weather is chaotic...i keep thinking i can put away the winter clothes...but...instead i keep pulling them out to wear!


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