Friday, May 13, 2011

dear fashion advisor: casual but stylish...

Q. I tend to dress more simply and casually these days. But I still want to look stylish and pulled together. Any ideas?

a. there is a great way to look casually stylish - it's as simple as a crisp, white shirt...pair it with a pair of colorful cropped pants or capri's - maybe top it off with a fabulous belt or scarf/belt combo at the waist...and voila! you've got a fabulous stylish...yet casual, look!

what will take your white shirt from good to to pick a shirt with some special detailing...perhaps on the sleeves or at the neck or in the back...

if you can't wear white well near your face...this will work equally well with a shirt in your 'colors' - just make sure it has a great fit and also a great detail...pair it with white pants and you've got a fabulous spring look!

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